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8 Boston Shops with the Best Candles

I may’ve missed the boat on this, but hurricane Sandra Dee just got me thinking about candles. A lot of stores in Boston carry them, but there are a few whose selections definitely stick out. Whether they’re for a party gift, your bathroom, or lighting your way through a power outage because someone forgot to buy batteries for the flashlight, these candles really deliver.

In no particular order:

Living room, bathroom, and kitchen candles at Lekker

1. Individual Room Scents at Lekker:

Lekker’s got the home thing down pat. This means they’ve got the “Kitchen Candle,” “Dining Room Candle,” “Living Room Candle,” “Lake House Candle,” “Master Bathroom Candle,” and perhaps the most seasonally appropriate, the “Family Room Candle,” a blend of Cortland and McIntosh apples.

1317 Washington St. (see on map)
Boston, MA 02118
Price Point: $-$$$$

2. Mandles at Sault:

Mandles (man-candles). Not to be confused with mandals (man-sandals). Sault has a fine selection of Beekman candles made from pure beeswax and essential oils. Go for the Autumn candle—it’s rugged and woodsy. The glass and wood packaging can even be recycled into a bud vase once you’re done using it.

577 Tremont St. (see on map)
Boston, MA 02118
Price Point: $-$$

3. Tea Scents at Acquire:

A small splurge, but well worth it. Their collection of Aquiesse candles are perfect for burning right before guests come over. Ditch yo’ Febreeze. My favorite is the Mandarin Tea Candle.

61 Salem St. (see on map)
Boston, MA 02113
Price Point: $-$$

4. The Good and the Odd at Aunt Sadie’s:

The queen bee of candles. The scents will smack you in the face the moment you enter the shop. Aunt Sadie’s candles are hand-poured into cans in VT and come in silly scents like Tobacco, Mom, and Bacon, with classics like Tree-In-A-Can, Pumpkin, and Clementine Vanilla.

Aunt Sadie’s and Gracie Finn
18 Union Park St. (see on map)
Boston, MA 02118
Price Point: $

5. Candles Meet Art at Patch NYC:

Go for their signature scents that are a collaboration with The Soap and Paper Factory. They come in two sizes and 12 scents (my favorite is the Pipe Candle: Vanilla, bourbon, cognac, tobacco and patchouli). These are huge crowd pleasers, and I’ve used them as stocking stuffers. Patch also carries some bear candles that are too cute to burn.

Patch NYC
46 Waltham St. (see on map)
Boston, MA 02118
Price Point: $-$$$$

6. Everlasting Flames at Blackstone’s:

Blackstone’s has a set of trick candles that are going to sell out if they haven’t already! From not-that-afar (I’m talking like 4 feet away) they flicker exactly like a real candle, and smell exactly like a real candle (cinnamon, I believe), project a realistic light, but the flame is a big fat phony. They’re genius.

46 Charles St. (see on map)
Boston, MA 02114
Price Point: $

7. Tubs of Wax at Magpie:

Nothing too fancy, but this is where you’ll score the scorpion bowl of candles. Three wicks per candle, maybe four? They’re massive, and could probably last you straight through a week-long power outage.

416 Highland Ave. (see on map)
Somerville, MA 02144
Price Point: $

8. Designer Votives at Louis Boston:

Fancy candles, which means they make great house-warming gifts. They have the French classic Diptyque’s Jasmin Candles in a variety of scents. Also available: a designer candle by Jason Wu, natch.

Louis Boston
60 Northern Ave. (see on map)
Boston, MA 02210
Price Point: $$-$$$$
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